Contribe – consultants whose business is full of passion, joy and courage!

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Our Service Provider programme is constantly growing with new partners and since some time Contribe consulting company joined us. We had a quick chat with Roger Gordin, Regional chef at Contribe, and asked him some questions.

Hello Roger! It’s been some time since you joined our Service Provider programme and now we finally have a chance to talk. We are really happy to have you onboard our programme, what do you think about it yourself?

We see it as a fantastic opportunity to offer our customers excellence in a number of very interesting areas and niches that we could not have otherwise reached.We will also help each other in questions and competences and through that generate business opportunities.

Can you tell us a bit about what is going on at Contribe and your business?

Our core business is consulting and we will continue on expanding it. We work mostly with system development and project leading. Our investment in cloud and additional product package gives our offer a wider range.

Now we can offer new services that small and bigger companies asked for. We are relatively young company that lives by a motto ”Everything we do comes from passion, joy and courage”! We have involved co-workers that often come with improvement ideas and tips, also if they are out on their tasks with a customer.

What are your main areas of specialization?

As I mentioned before we are strong in tests and system development but let’s not forget that we are also competent in databases, Linux/RedHat in order to ”take lead” on bigger infra/cloud tasks we have senior project leaders.

How many employees do you have and where in Sweden is your location?

We are about 30 people today but growing constantly. We have offices in Karlskrona (main part of our operations) and in Göteborg. Few more establishments are maybe coming 😉

What is so special about you compared to your competitors?

First of all it is our staff! Without good people you wouldn’t really go far. We put much focus on attitude, feeling and other personal parts. Then we put a lot of effort in our network we have. It applies to both our consultants and partners. We are good at delivering! If we are not compentent in one area, we arrange for other specialists.

Tell us more about the investment in cloud computing and how you work there

We see it as natural and exciting part of the IT development that is moving on light speed. We work on it from a different angles, partly through working with our partners, together with them we have broad range of skills. We also see cloud computing as away to offer our customers more availability for lower price. Products we developed are also available in City Cloud.

Why do you see it important to go move to cloud computing?

It is definitely a part of future IT environment. Companies will start step by step and use the advantages that cloud computing brings with it. Depending on the size of the Company, they will use cloud computing on different levels. Smaller companies will most definitely put big parts of their IT Environment into the cloud. So it is important to be a part of this development, as many more will come to the point, where they will share parts of their IT environment in cloud.

Are you using cloud computing yourself and live as you teach?

Yes, we of course use cloud computing today, most the products we develop, but also to quickly set up an environment for our projects. That is why we run all the systems (website, etc.)on City Cloud.

Which specific tasks can Contribe help our customers with, do you have any examples?

We can help our clients with guidance and to identify what opportunities will give them best effect. We also believe in talking a lot about cloud computing advantages and those can be different from Company to Company. We would like to be seen as a katalyst that can come up with new thoughts and ideas.

We both have the same partner, Apica, tell us what you are going to do together?

We are discussing with them a joint task that we cannot talk in details today. Apica works with load testing and we are IT consult Company so you could say that our cooperation will lead there. It is exciting and we would like to find new business areas together that could lead to new customers for us.

Cloud Camp is knocking at our doors now and you are a sponsor of one of the events. What do you expect to get during this day?

Develop relations with our partners and get new contacts to people/companies, that we don’t have any relations with today. Also to be there and take part in interesting lectures and dialouge with like-minded 🙂