► Replay of City Cloud Master Class – Cloud Automation in OpenStack, Turn Up The Heat!

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Florian Haas, CEO of hastexo, on Cloud Automation in OpenStack with Heat.

Hosting your applications and services in a public cloud, it is common for them to grow to fairly significant complexity. At the same time, it is absolutely vital that you maintain scalability and reproducibility for all your deployments. In City Cloud, you can easily meet these requirements with OpenStack Heat, the built-in cloud orchestration service. Heat allows you to create arbitrarily complex environments including virtual servers, networks, firewalls, and even load balancers, and scale them up and down as your business requires.

For those of you that couldn’t make the live class, here is the replay.




The slide deck

Cloud-init documentation

Everything you need to write Heat templates

The sources for the presentation


About Florian Haas

_bnj9978_800Florian has been an active member of the OpenStack community since early 2011. He has driven and contributed to lively discussions within the community about OpenStack high availability, distributed storage integration, automation and deployment, and other topics.

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