CentOS 6.0 image updated

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If you have been paying attention to our news lately, you’ll probably realize that we have been updating several images. We are cleaning up the App Center listing and making sure all images have Virtio/VirtioBLK enabled by default. Remember, that these drivers are no small thing. Performance improvement is noticeably and while you can usually activate them when they are …

A little bit of cleanup

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Our App Center is getting a bit crowded, with all kind of images to choose from. As time passes, old operating systems give way to newer versions with more features, fixes and performance. We have decided to get the broom out and remove some old ones. Keep reading to know which are the unfortunate ones.

WordPress + Nginx image upgraded!

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We have upgraded the WordPress + Nginx image located on our App Center. The only change is the upgrade of the web server, Nginx, up to version 1.0.14. This is an important improvement since it’s the latest stable version which also includes a fix for a recent memory exploit. This image is already available on the App Center. If you …

Open Suse

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I vår App Center har vi redan ett flertal varianter av GNU/Linux såsom Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, RedHat, Fedora och CentOS. OpenSuse har funnits som en ISO-fil som du själv kunnat installera. Nu har vi även lagt till OpenSuse 12.1 som en komplett image i vår App Center.

New image: Another flavor of GNU/Linux, OpenSuse 12.1

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On our App Center we already have several flavors of GNU/Linux, including Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Red Hat, Fedora Core and CentOS. OpenSuse wasn’t there but still you could install previous versions using the provided ISO files. However, what’s the point of having a really flexible platform if you have to install the operating system yourself, every time you want to …

Minecraft image upgraded to 1.2.4

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We have upgraded the City Cloud image wih the server version 1.2.4. This is very important since newer clients won’t work with the previous one (Minecraft 1.1). So, basically if you get the following screen while connecting to the server, you will need to use a new VM or upgrade: “So, will this automatically update my current minecraft server 1.1?” …

Prestashop i City Cloud

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Som många av er redan vet har vi nyligen lagt till en Magento-image i City Cloud. Magento är förstås inte den enda e-handelsplattformen på marknaden så för dig som vill ha valet att använda en annan plattform har vi nu även släppt Prestashop som en färdig image i City Cloud.

Svensk Fondservice–Kapitalförvaltning i molnet

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Svensk Fondservice är ett kapitalförvaltningsbolag som erbjuder enkel, oberoende och professionell förvaltning av premiepension (PPM) och fondförsäkringar. Företaget har på 4 år vuxit till att sysselsätta över 100 personer som tillsammans tar hand om närmare 95 000 kunder. Vi fick en pratstund med Nalle Jacobsson, CTO på Svensk Fondservice och ställde några frågor om företaget, deras verksamhet och självklart driftsmiljön …