A little bit of cleanup

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Our App Center is getting a bit crowded, with all kind of images to choose from. As time passes, old operating systems give way to newer versions with more features, fixes and performance. We have decided to get the broom out and remove some old ones. Keep reading to know which are the unfortunate ones.

New image: Minecraft server and some goodies!

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Our cloud computing platform is really flexible. It allows us to offer all kinds of operating systems and pre-packaged software. We have already added some interesting options, such as Windows and MS-SQL, Nginx/Ruby/Rails and L.A.M.P. This time we wanted to go further and be a little whimsical, let’s have some fun, why not? So, without further ado, we present you …

Windows performing better in City Cloud

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So far, our Linux based operating systems in City Cloud have had a slight advantage when it comes to performance. These operating systems have access to a special driver which makes them more integrated in the virtualisation platform which in turn gives them an edge performance vise. We recently insalled the same drivers for Windows so that our customers can …