New security feature in Citycontrolpanel: Limit access to specific IP addresses

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Last week we released a new security feature in the City Cloud admin panel to ensure even better access control for all your services.

Limit access to certain IP addresses / CIDR

To limit access to the Citycontrolpanel, login to your account and navigate to Account -> Users. Click on a certain useraccount and navigate to “Limit Login IP”. Then just add the IP addresses / CIDR’s that you wish to allow access from and you are done.


Log in to the Citycontrolpanel and click “Account”


Click “Users” and then click the user you wish to edit


Click “Add IP / CIDR”


Add the IP or CIDR



You can not afford to ignore our security features

City Cloud is built to be your one stop shop for your entire IT infrastructure and in a sense, City Cloud is your very own virtual data center. Beneath your fingertips lies the power to unleash computing power, storage and other services to build intricate server clusters spanning several data centers across multiple continents.

Let that sink in for a moment and then realise the world of today where cyber criminals are lurking around every corner trying to obtain information that isn’t theirs.

As gatekeepers we tend the systems and make sure the gates are locked but anyone with a key is allowed access. So in order to protect your data, we need your cooperation.

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