Price drop on large hardware profiles

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We are constantly moving forward, bringing you the best possible services at a fantastic price. All the news and changes City Cloud has gone through during the last six months now culminate in a huge price drop on large hardware profiles. At the same time we publicly release our Stockhom node. Read more in our press release below.

Price drop on large virtual machines and public release of Stockholm node

City Cloud has gone through some great changes during the last six months. We released a wide range of hardware profiles to ensure that all users can utilize their resources in the best way possible. Our new graphical interface combines great functionality with ease of use and fantastic new features. On top of all this, in May 2013, we also released a new City Cloud node in Stockholm for BETA-testing to enable our customers to build services with geographical redundancy.

 As always, we strive to be excellent in all angles of our services and today we announce an immediate price drop on large hardware profiles as well as a public release of our node in Stockholm. The price changes are already in effect and you can see the new price list on our web page

We never stop listening to our customers and we never stop improving our services in our never ending quest for perfection. Our City Cloud Stockholm node has been in operation for quite a few months now and we are very proud to release it publicly today. This announcement is an invitation to everyone in need of an IaaS provider that cares and understands your needs. From great customer service to deep redundancy over several data centers in the cloud. Creating geographically redundant web services has never been easier and we invite you all to try. Feel free to contact me at johan(a) for a free trial, says Johan Christenson, CEO of City Network.

From plan to execution, the installation of the Stockholm node has been a smooth process. As with all new services there needs to be thorough testing as well as fine-tuning. The most positive outcome of taking this huge step, aside from the big customer benefits, is the experience built in our team. We now have staff ready to launch new nodes around the world, in a matter of weeks when we choose to, says Magnus Bergman, CTO of City Network

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