Press Release 2013-11-13

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Snapshots – the latest in a long list of new features in City Cloud!

snapshotOne of the leading cloud computing services (IaaS) in Europe release yet another great feature. This is preceded with a hectic year and tons of new features, changes and improvements in City Cloud. With the snapshot feature, City Cloud is now one of few public cloud services that offer both snapshots and a full scale online backup solution.

All our users can now take snapshots of their virutal servers and restore to any one of the 7 daily snapshots that we take. The feature is activated in the City Control Panel as of today. The price model is unique in the sense that a user get 7 versions at the price of one. Snapshots are charged by the total amount of allocated disc space for any given server and the cost is 15¢ per GB per month. As with all features in City Cloud , simplicity is the key word. Our users need only to click once to start taking snapshots. The entire process of shutting down the server, restoring, and bringing the server back up is automated. We believe strongly that anyone should be able to do this without tech support.

It’s great to see that we really succeeded in making the feature this simple – something that is extremely important when dealing with any cloud service. We believe that we empower any organization when any project manager can easily get their hands on the resources that he or she needs without having to involve the support. It’s a great advantage for every organization to have the opportunity to quickly and easily launch servers, storage and backup. It’s a rare thing to have such an easy backup solution at such a fantastic price, says Johan Christenson, CEO at City Network.

With the launch of our new shapshot feature, we enable our customers to travel 7 days back in time with just the click of a button. The security of being able to do so should not be underestimated. The service can either be used separately or together with our traditional backup service, if file backups are also needed. Regardless of which, snapshots are a tremendous addition to one of the leading IaaS services in Europe, says Magnus Bergman, CTO at City Network.

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