City Network lower prices for City Cloud and launch a new website

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City Cloud is the leading Cloud Computing service in Sweden. More than 500 Swedish companies have their entire or parts of their hosting solution in the City Cloud service. During the first few months of this year the growth has increased and roughly a month ago, City Cloud was released in full version, leaving an 18 month Beta-period behind.

In order to make our offer more attractive and to encourage Swedish companies to take a leap and use Cloud Computing, we are making some price adjustments in the City Cloud service. The licence fees for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft SQL Server will be reduced to half. At the same time we double the amount of traffic included in the package from 500GB/month to 1TB/month. The price for additional traffic is also lowered from €0.05 to €0.03.

The new rates in City Cloud are in most cases 50% less expensive then the ones of our competitors such as Amazon EC2.

We are also launching a whole new website for City Cloud. Most changes can already be seen at and In the following weeks there will be some tweaking done in order to optimize the user experience. Social media is built in to the design and we have also added a whole new section called Service Provider program. Please check it out and see how our partners can help you.

-“Our goal is to create a great offer where the included traffic is satisfactory for most needs which gives our customers a superior cost control” says Johan Christenson.

-“As the first provider of genuine Cloud Computing in Sweden, we are keen on keeping a great quality and a price range which attracts all types of customers. Our existing customers include both large blogs and hot start-ups as well as large corporations. All have their own take on City Cloud and how it gives them more efficacy, flexibility and scaling options than the alternatives on the market, says Johan Christenson, Chairman of the board.

The price changes will take place on the 4:th of April 2011. For more information go to

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