City Network launches Service Provider Program

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City Cloud Service Provider ProgramCity Cloud is Scandinavias leading cloud computing service (IaaS) where more than 500 companies signed up during the beta phase. Today City Cloud is growing rapidly with companies utilizing it for all or parts of their hosting. To be able to give corporations the full foundation to best utilize cloud computing and its benefits – City Network is launching a much awaited Service Provider program.  Developers and integration companies will be certified as approved providers of cloud computing solutions to the multitude of City Cloud customers. These partners will add a new dimension to what City Cloud can offer its customers – a layer on top of the infrastructure which gives each customer access to high level knowledge as well as consultants.

Larger companies will now be able to get a complete solution and the necessary components where not only the infrastructure is key. Knowledge and resources. Integration companies, developers and various service providers whom are experts in getting the most out of cloud computing brings the Eco system to life which secures both hosting and solutions.

  • This is a natural step in our evolution of our cloud computing platform City Cloud. We want to create an Eco system which secures the knowledge and resources for the best solution for our customers. At the same time it gives companies that believe in the future of the cloud to be part of something we feel will be a necessity to compete, says chairman, Johan Christenson.
  • We saw the possibilities at an early stage of cloud computing and therefore also the early cooperation with City Network and its service City Cloud. We have created Scandinavia’s first solution for integration as a service. We create very efficient solutions for integration which would not be possible without a cloud computing service like City Cloud. Our customers can quickly realize large savings, says VD Gustav Rosen på Entiros AB.
  • As we work mostly with mid size companies we are just in the beginning phase of moving their services to the cloud. They need us both in an advising role as much as they need the actual resources to carry out the work. For us it is a given to have the knowledge and solutions that is built on a cloud computing platform like City Cloud. It gives our customers large values in their solutions. It is a combination of financial gain as well as competitiveness as our customers become more competitive thanks to more agile solutions. We are here to create efficient and very profitable solutions and projects and it would simply not be possible without City Cloud today. To be part of City Clouds Service Provider program gives us better possibilities to give our customers the absolute best, says Roger Gordin regional manager at Contribe AB.

City Cloud is one of Europes first true cloud computing services and Swedens first according to IDG (Computer Sweden). City Cloud was launched in 2009. Since then thousands of servers have been started and more than 100 new companies start using City Cloud every month. For more information please go to: