City Network launch large instances in City Cloud

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City Cloud was launched in 2009 as one of Europe’s first true cloud computing services – infrastructure as a service (IaaS). A few years later over one thousand European companies have thousands of servers and hundreds of terabytes of data in City Cloud. Today a new set of updates are kicked off where all companies will get greater freedom in running servers in the cloud. Now one can launch servers with larger capacity than every before – up to 16 cores and 128 GB RAM. City Cloud also launches a number of high CPU profiles where the hard ware profiles have a high number of CPUs in relation to the RAM.

Many cloud services have matured greatly over the last few years. The launch today shows that Europe is following that trend for services that have been active for a few years. With a greater choice of servers and computing power both universities and companies alike can utilize infrastructure as a service even further. To be able to quickly activate hundreds of cores and hundreds of TB of RAM for heavy workloads under shorter periods of time, creates big advantages for any organization. To do it within Europe with local support makes even more sense for many regional companies in Europe.

Technically we are now getting ready to offer even greater scaling possibilities and allow 32 or more cores per machine in the future. This is a first step that gives our customers a whole new flexibility and room for services that require more power. Perhaps you don’t need these types of machines all the time but rather for specific work loads during shorter periods of time. It allows for great bursting capacity, says Magnus Bergman, CTO at City Network.

To be able to scale vertically to large machines takes our service yet another step towards increasing the business case for cloud computing. There are simply fewer and fewer cases where the cloud does not make sense economically and from other perspectives without having to make large CAPEX investments locally, says Johan Christenson, CEO at City Network.

City Cloud is one of Europes leading cloud computing services with over 1000 Euroepan companies utilizing it for servers, storage and backup.

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