Over 50 000 servers created in City Cloud!

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Today City Cloud has really reached a huge mile stone. Since the start in late 2009, over 50 000 servers have been created which makes City Cloud the leading IaaS in Europe. City Network have over 25000 customers around the world and is growing steadily. This is huge and something that we are very happy about, says Johan Christenson, CEO at City Network. He also emphasize the importance of following through with the plans for the service, moving forward. Among other things, he reveals that one of the biggest news for 2014 is the launch of Open Stack.

All the work that we have put in to educate our partners and potential clients have finally payed off. Today, City Cloud is growing stonger by the day and we count on doubling our user base within 18 months. At the same time, we see a huge inflow of large companies and corporations which is fantastic. Our work is now about refining City Cloud. New and updated services and features are always being developed but they are all impregnated by the long term plans that will secure our place as the leading IaaS in Europe, says Johan Christenson, CEO of City Network.

We know what works and how City Cloud needs to be built to always perform at its best and that is exactly what City Cloud does today. We are ready for the upcoming challenges and have the resources to launch a new City Cloud node anywhere in the world within 14 days. This will become even more important during 2014 when we hope to launch two more data centers in Europe. At the same time, we are working hard on launching the next generation of City Cloud with a brand new architecture and storage systems. Combined, this will make sure that City Cloud is the obvious choice for IaaS in Europe, says Magnus Bergman, CTO of City Network.