Tranås Utbildningscentrum chooses City Cloud

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Tranås Utbildnings Centrum Tranås Utbildningscentrum, TUC, is an adult learning centre offering vocational training and degree programs.

A new addition to their education catalogue is the brand new Web developer program. When completed, the students are ready to independently develop functions and various components for different web solutions. The program is 1.5 years long and covers the latest web techniques as well as giving the students knowledge in digital marketing, activity development, web-publishing, web design, databases and integration.

Web development is a line of business in continious growth. According to the Department of Vocational University, the demand for people trained in programming and web development is growing since they are not competing with the longer and broader educations within the university. The employment office also predicts that the Computer/IT industry will need more and more people in the next 10 years.

City Cloud is a proud partner to TUC and their Web developer program. We provide the students with the out most necessity – servers. In their training, the students will need servers to test their web applications and what better place to do it than City Cloud!

City Cloud offers the students computing power on demand and this enables them to learn how to develop our future web according to our future infrastructure – The Cloud!