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City Cloud will soon be added to the comparison and problem solving service The service helps organizations and professionals to choose the best suitable cloud provider for their needs according to area of use, location, capacity and a number of other parameters. We are happy to be adopted in to the comparethecloud service and wanted to learn more. We spoke to Luke Wheeler, Chairman and CEO of Compare the Cloud Limited, who told us more about the service.

Even though the name speaks for it self I´m sure there are a lot more to say about comparethecloud, could you walk us through the service that you provide.

Today cloud computing has become a standard in the adoption of computing technologies. At Compare the Cloud we recognise the need for simple practical advice on Cloud Computing benefits and delivering to the end consumer impartial advice and help when selecting a provider of cloud services. We offer a cloud tool which helps guide end-users to evaluate cloud products for their business and a informational blog and guides of various aspects of cloud services.

How did comparethecloud come to be?

Compare the Cloud was the invention of our founder Daniel Thomas who wished to ‘demystify’ the myriad of confusing cloud computing messages and help the end-user of these services find reliable stable organisations to engage with regards to computing services.

How many employees are you at and where are you located?

We are 5 employees and growing. We are based in various locations with our head office in London UK

What do you get as a provider when signing up with comparethecloud?

There are various options available from a simple free listing through to sponsorship of individual pages such as SaaS or Communications as a service. The majority of providers get numerous benefits including end-user referrals and a platform to endorse there product or service.

How many providers do you have listed?

At the moment 50 providers and we are adding more and more each week.

How do you select the listed providers?

Providers tend to come to us direct, although all providers are subject to a due-diligence check and agreement to good operational practices. We always monitor the end-users experience and would instantly de-list or downgrade a poorly performing provider.

You are just about to launch the new site, what´s new in v2.0?

We have created our customer walkthrough tool which helps clients scope out their cloud requirements and provides end-users with clearly matched providers based on need (at no cost to the end user). Additionally we have engaged a number of Cloud Computing “thought leaders” to blog about cloud computing issues such as regulatory environments, practical advice on cloud services and other areas. We will also be creating a number of viral and video pieces which will both inform and educate end-users about the choices they make. Additionally we will be providing spotlight features on innovative cloud providers and providing further tools for end-users to scope out requirements.

Once we have fully launched and the UK site we will then be moving onto the US and providing regional translations for Europe.

City Cloud is also being added to the list of providers, that is really exciting.

With City Cloud’s multiple geo-redundant data center footprint and elastic computing services we would be remiss not to include City Cloud. Additionally we view City Cloud as a fantastic partner in light of advancements in Latin America and opportunities for this to be exploited by UK based organizations.

What is your general take on cloud computing and the future?

With smart devices proliferating and people harnessing social media and other forms of Cloud Computing this will steadily increase confidence in the Cloud computing model. The one key area where we forecast growth is the reseller channel adopting more cloud services whilst not providing traditional support services, we feel that this reseller engagement will further drive the cloud computing message. In terms of consolidation long-term there will be fewer cloud providers with the industry reliant on a smaller number of platforms with traditional resellers providing on-boarding and integration services only.

But key to the cloud adoption uptake will be the advancement in connectivity especially in terms of broadband advances and ‘last mile’ technology in the UK the British Telecom 21st Century Network should open the way for Cloud Providers to grow business revenues.

We wish you the best of luck with your upcoming launch of Comparethecloud v2.0!