OpenStack upgrading season has started!

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It’s that time of the year when we start upgrading our City Cloud OpenStack locations and earlier this week marked the start of this years upgrading season as we took on our Los Angeles location. During this spring we will continue to upgrade all our locations to the latest release of OpenStack – Newton, and we estimate to finish this round of upgrades before summer.

Understanding what an upgrade means for City Cloud

As with any system, keeping up with the latest stable release is all about actually using the latest code which improves with every iteration. It might not be all new and shiny and many things are improved under the hood but rest assured that it keeps progressing.

In each release of OpenStack projects in the “big tent” is getting new features as well as improvements in various ways. For City Cloud this means that all individual projects that we have implemented and activated will get the latest features and improvements as well as improving the back-end of our systems.

Sometimes, the new releases include new features (projects) but that does not automatically mean that we will implement them right away. First and far most that has to do with maturity – Do we consider the feature to be mature enough to implement in a public IaaS containing production environments. That is the question we have to ask our selves all the time. Second of all it’s a matter of time. Our teams constantly have to walk on that fine line between maintaining our systems and adding new features to it.

So now that we have explained our thinking when it comes to new OpenStack releases, let’s dig a little deeper.

News in the Newton release

The Newton release contains a whole heap of improvements and news, all of which you can read more about here: and here:

Please also note the 2581 developers, operators and users from 309 organisations that made it possible.


News that we are particularly excited about

LBaaS V2

LBaaS V2 was a feature that we talked about back when we upgraded to Mitaka but we haven’t come around to implement it since then. With Newton, version 1 of the LBaaS feature will be discontinued and we have therefore decided to prioritise the implementation of LBaaS V2 in City Cloud OpenStack.

Updates in project Heat

The orchestration feature in OpenStack is called Heat and that is the project you work with when navigating through “Orchestration” in the City Cloud GUI. With Newton, heat is now able to handle more complex orchestration scenarios and Cinder quotas. A new integration with DNS service, Glance and Monasco has also been added.


What we are adding to our road map


REST API designed for the secure storage, provisioning and management of secrets such as passwords, encryption keys and X.509 Certificates.

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Trove is Database as a Service for OpenStack. It’s designed to run entirely on OpenStack, with the goal of allowing users to quickly and easily utilize the features of a relational or non-relational database without the burden of handling complex administrative tasks.

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Magnum is an OpenStack API service developed by the OpenStack Containers Team making container orchestration engines such as Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Apache Mesos available as first class resources in OpenStack.

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Manila is a community-driven project that presents the management of file shares (for example, NFS and CIFS) as a core service to OpenStack.

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