Longing for the OpenStack release that has equal number of men and women as contributors

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The beast is loose. Open Stack has evolved from this simple matter of managing virtual machines to this entity that slowly takes over all information infrastructure. Open Stack has become the Bable fish of information management. It’s reach is across all vendors and regions in one unifying language. Having lived to see the evolution of Internet and smart phones technology can change the world on a global scale and really fast. Open Stack will play a major part in the changes to come that we can’t even ‎imagine today.

The most scary part is the lack of women in technology. This is a far to important area to be left to men alone. It is not enough that women consume the new products and services that comes from tech. They need to be part of designing and building it as well.

To all us men out there let’s try and take a step back and listen to women. I really believe that if we all try harder to prioritise listening over talking when we interact with women we will all die a whole lot wiser.

To all you women out there who are in the tech industry. Great work! Try and be more visible every chance you get. Role models are important for the generations to come. I really long for the Open Stack release that has equal numer of men and women as contributors. Let’s try and make sure that happens before we run out of letters in the alphabet.

Out from Tokyo and see you in Austin!


namnlöst-150508_01-högupplöstKim Hindart is the CSO at City Network and is currently attending the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo. These are his thoughts on the summit and OpenStack in general.