John Connor, you better be prepared, OpenStack is the new Skynet and at this pace it should be self aware by 2020

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OpenStack has for a long time been mostly about orchestration of compute and storage nodes. This release is the first one ever where the networking module has had more activity than the compute module.

89% of all OpenStack installations now include the networking module Neutron. The community was very happy about the attention this module has gotten  – actually this was the first time any other project than Nova had the most activity – in the Liberty release. Research also shows that the use of software defined network (SDN) are rapidly growing and keep on growing. And we believe that OpenStack and Neutron is a big part of creating the future of SDN. To put it simply, companies will install and use OpenStack as a networking orchestration tool only and skip the IaaS part.

Handling server hardware is lame, that´s been done a lot. Automated and transparent handling of routers, switches and firewalls! Now we are talking. Well I am just saying; John Connor you better be prepared, OpenStack is the new Skynet and at this pace it should be self aware by 2020. I think we should call the project of making OpenStack self aware “Bad Kitty”

It is a big pet peeve of mine when I hear Cloud Providers say you need to build a smarter application suited for the cloud. That is true today but it is not something we should preach. A reality check here there will be old and badly written applications for a long long time to come. This is our legacy we have to handle and instead of dreaming of smarter applications in our clouds we need to build smarter clouds. Saying that you only want smart application is like saying you only want smart end users. Be happy with 1% market share. We have a lot better opportunity today to build a cloud that is smart enough to fool any old legacy application that it is not in the cloud at all. OpenStack is our best option for building a smarter cloud. Let’s all start pushing for that.


namnlöst-150508_01-högupplöst Kim Hindart is the CSO at City Network and is currently attending the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo. These are his thoughts on the summit and OpenStack in general.