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The Global Passport Program was created as a collaborative effort between OpenStack public cloud providers, led by the Public Cloud Working Group, to help users experience the freedom, performance and interoperability of open source infrastructure. The Passport program let’s you explore a variety of cloud providers and their services for free, enabling you to try first and to experience the different flavours, locations and implementations of OpenStack in production.

Get your free City Cloud trial

Here is how you can get a free City Cloud trial. Navigate to and enter your email address to get started. When you have completed your registration you will gain access to our cloud management system and can launch your first service instantly. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

A City Cloud trial includes $100 of usage for the duration of 1 month. You will have access to 6/8 of our availability zones to start with (London, Frankfurt, LA, New York, Stockholm, Karlskrona) and can request access to Dubai & Tokyo from the dashboard.

Other than that, you are free to use your $100 of usage as you please. When the $100 have been used up you can continue to use City Cloud without any interruptions and your allocated resources are then charged to your debit/credit card.

Locations everywhere

Collectively we can now offer more than 60 availability zones across more than 20 countries. Combined, this represents a broad public cloud footprint and allows you to try close to home on the same open source infrastructure, where ever you are located.

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Learn more about the OpenStack Public Cloud Passport

Here is an introduction to the Passport program as it was launched in November of 2017 at the OpenStack Sydney Summit with Anne Bertucio and Tobias Rydberg.