Collaboration for the future of open infrastructure

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We recently got back from a trip to the UK where we attended the first European OpenInfra Days in London. An event where open source communities and projects meet, learn and collaborate to define the future of open infrastructure. Here are some of our take aways from the conference on April 1.

Openly developing Open Infrastructure

Thierry Carrez talked about the shift within the OpenStack Foundation and how the discussions in general have turned from being project oriented to goal oriented. Creating solutions has become solving problems, building software became integrating solutions and in the end the sole focus on developing OpenStack transformed into a focus on developing and improving open infrastructure as a whole.

Today, the OpenStack Foundation focuses on supporting open source based solutions for Datacenter cloud, edge computing, container infrastructure, CI/CD and AI/ML. Thierry illustrated his point byt showing that the very event we are attending hosts discussions on a wide range of technologies in the open infrastructure space where OpenStack is one of them.

Boatload of containers

To no surprise, containers is a hot topic – as it should be. Containerisation – wether through OpenStack Magnum, Kubernetes, Docker or other technologies is something many organisations are implementing these days.

Steve Hardy talked about a community project called “Metalcube” which is an effort to enable bare metal Kubernetes deployments using the K8s operator framework and OpenStack Ironic. It aims to seamlessly integrate existing infrastructure with workloads which is a super interesting use case.

Another interesting talk on the topic came from Miles Bryant from Monzo. His talk, detailed how the company, who is attracting some 28000 new customers every week, is building a bank using modern technologies.

Scientific computing

Academic and scientific computing was well represented at OpenInfra Days UK with no less than 7 different presentations, which was great to see.

The University of Oxford’s – Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics and Big Data Institute, presented their OpenStack environment with a powerful authentication and authorisation infrastructure platform to enable high performance compute workloads on these sensitive datasets.

A big thank you to Danny Abukalam, Nick Jones and the advisory team for a great experience and for inviting us over.

New to OpenInfra Days?

Is this is the first time you’ve heard about the event format – with either the OpenStack or the OpenInfra prefix? Check out this short video from 2016 when OpenStack Days Nordic was launched to understand the concept.

Why some of the OpenStack Days events changed their names

(Text borrowed from OpenInfra Nordics –

2018 marked the beginning of a new era as the OpenStack Foundation announced their full support to all adjacent open source communities dedicated to building and operating open infrastructure. The Foundation changed the name of their community gathering to Open Infrastructure Summit, encouraging wide spread collaboration with communities such as Ansible, Ceph, Docker, Kata Containers, Kubernetes, ONAP, Open cSwitch, OPNFV, StarlingX, Zuul and more.

As a satellite event to the Open Infrastructure Summit, and as supporters of the new and improved mission, it is now our turn to head in the same direction. We are officially changing the name of this event and extend a warm welcome to the entire Nordic open infrastructure community. 

Jonathan Bryce announces Open Infrastructure Summit at the OpenStack Summit in Berlin.