A word from the City Network Stackers in Sydney

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Another OpenStack Summit has come to and end and as we rest our tired feet and prepare for the long journey home we all agree upon the fact that we are extremely fortunate to be an important part of this fantastic community. The days we have spent here amongst our fellow community members are invaluable and we all feel that the OpenStack Summit is what gives us the motivation and drive to keep pushing that next update, the next feature and the next contribution for the benefit of all OpenStack operators and users across the globe.

Recapping the OpenStack Summit can only be a matter of listing some of the highlights and we’ll get to that in a minute. The atmosphere and feeling of community and belonging isn’t something that can be put in to words though and we strongly encourage you to take part and experience it first hand.

Our recorded sessions

Some of our highlights

The launch of the OpenStack Public Cloud Passport Program

The OpenStack Global Passport Program is a collaborative effort between OpenStack public cloud providers lead by the Public Cloud Working Group. It allows users to quickly and easily gain access to OpenStack infrastructure via trial programs from participating OpenStack public cloud providers around the world – amongst them City Cloud. This is something that our very own Tobias Rydberg has been working hard to achieve in his role as Chair of the Public Cloud Working group and we are very proud to be an important part of this journey.


Community Contributor Awards

On the final day of the Sydney Summit the Community Contributor Awards recognised the extremely valuable work that everyone does to make OpenStack excel. These behind-the-scenes heroes are nominated by other community members in three categories: those who might not be aware that they are valued, those who are the active glue that binds the community together and those who share their knowledge with others.

You can find all the heroes right here.


Public Cloud picking up steam, Containers on the rise

Public Clouds and their (our) special requirements are getting more and more attention which we are of course very glad to see. For us, this is understandably an important area and we contribute as much as we possibly can in various ways. Apart from taking part in many of the other sessions on the general topic we contributed by talking about malicious users in public cloud environments and meta data.

Containers being the best thing since sliced bread is very apparent in the OpenStack community. A lot of attention is directed towards Kubernetes and cross community collaboration but also towards Magnum, the OpenStack container project.


To round it all up we just want to officially express our gratitude and admiration towards the entire OpenStack community for making this happen. The level of commitment and the sense of belonging is quite overwhelming sometimes and we are very thankful to be a part of this awesome community.


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