▶ Any day that you go to bed smarter than when you woke up is a good day

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If you are holding a presentation at a conference a lot of your attention tend to go towards that and less taking about all the new stuff happening around you. Luckily everything is recorded.

Unlike sports this is fun even after the live show. Key features of OpenStack is a monster with a lot of masters and a lot of interests and it serves just as many needs. Keeping it under control will be an enormous task but OpenStack foundation is constantly evolving and are, in my opinion, up to the task. Any day when you go to bed smarter than when you woke up is a good day.
Lessons learned from the first day:
  • Never use default configuration – they are always defined for standards of the past
  • Akanda is doing something really huge
  • Containers will change how things are done
  • Everything can talk with everything and understand each other

Think of this as more and more of our lives exist in the cloud. Do you have a right to privacy? Is there an authority that you trust that can protect that right? Can that authority hold someone responsible if your rights are violated?

Here is the recording of our presentation at the OpenStack Tokyo Summit.




Kim hindart, CSO, City Network