A recap of the #CloudBeerKarlskrona meetup

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It´s way past bedtime for any #CloudBeerKarlskrona participant but some of us are still here burning the midnight oil. What a day, what a night and wow – what a meetup! We have had so much fun tonight and are already looking forward to the next one. Thank you all for coming and thank you for contributing to a fantastic atmosphere at the very first #CloudBeer meetup. We really hope that you had as much fun as we did!

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What is #CloudBeer?

IMG_8805Let´s just start off by getting you up to speed on this CloudBeer thing. It is a series of casual meetups for people who want to learn, teach and discuss cloud related topics. By hosting small events that evolve around pizza and cloud computing we hope to learn new things, get new perspectives and meet new friends. Our aim is to make CloudBeer your favourite spot to meet like-minded people in your area, where no topic is discarded and everyone get´s to bring something to the table.





The Karlskrona meetup was the first ever #CloudBeer event with 40 participants from 17 companies from the Blekinge region. The program contained presentations and open discussions about Security in public clouds, OpenStack, DDoS and competitive SQL. The topics and presentations had a good spread and also a good mix of both tech and pure fun.


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We had this much fun!

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Lessons learned

This was our first #cloudbeer meetup and of course we have learned quite a lot already. We’ll probably look into having shorter presentations and longer breaks in between to allow for even more networking. We will also look in to slashing the program and remove one spot to focus even more on the open discussions that are vital to the experience.