Say hello to the new look, brand and company structure of City Network!

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Today we are launching City Network with a new look and with a brand new logo. Our main goal is to further improve the clarity between our different services.

City Network ( is our company name and this is our company page. It shows all the different services we offer. City Cloud ( is our brand for our Public IaaS based on OpenStack. Our web hosting service has a new name and a new web page (

The market for infrastructure services is increasing. Reports from Gartner show a yearly increase of almost 30% until 2019. This rapid growth is has been evident among our customers this year as well, as more and more companies have chosen to adopt our various infrastructure services.

To help companies all over the world to take advantage of open, robust and agile infrastructure services we have developed City Cloud and our business in general in several ways during this last year. Among other things we have:

  • Launched the first multi-location, OpenStack-based, public IaaS in Europe
  • Launched a high security cloud for banking and finance
  • Launched our IaaS in the U.S market with data centers in Los Angeles and New York.
  • Gone through extensive certification processes to comply with ISO 9001, 27001 and 14001 among others.

As always many new services are launched and among those are for instance Desktop as a Service and our private networking service City Connect. Now you can connect your data center or even office directly to our network.

So what´s next? We have lots in the pipe with new services and new OpenStack data centers to be launched. We are looking to add more in Europe as well as putting the first OpenStack data center in Asia. We will also continue to improve our industry specific services to make sure you gain the best possible infrastructure to build new ideas and innovation upon.