City Network and Severalnines launching DBaaS in beta

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Together with our partner Severalnines, we now announce the first fully European Database as a Service (DBaaS) solution – in beta form. The City Cloud Database Service is based and operated by companies in the European Union – offering European customers full compliance with EU data protection laws and a safe haven from the reaches of the US Patriot Act.

The service relies on the Severalnines DataCloud platform, a database automation and management platform that helps companies run flexible databases anywhere, whether on their premises or in the cloud. It is based on City Network’s Cloud computing platform, City Cloud, which allows unlimited growth with a focus on stability, security and redundancy.

City Cloud Database Service is available in beta to all City Cloud customers. Companies can join the trial by emailing The service is available free of charge for the duration of the trial.

Read more in our press release or in our blog.