Managed Hosting

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Did you know that we offer Managed Hosting services?

With our managed hosting service applied on your servers, we can step in and take over all maintenance and issues you encounter on any of your City Cloud servers, both virtual and physical. This will allow you to focus on what you do best, while we can make sure that your machines are patched and constantly monitored for weaknesses and vulnerabilities.


Why should you sign up for Managed Hosting?

Even though creating, scaling and building servers and clusters of servers in City Cloud is easy as 1-2-3, managing servers can be time consuming. You need to stay updated on new software releases, patching and a number of other security aspects of any server.

What we do is that we centralize these tasks and create security reports. We stay updated on urgent security issues and gather information about all kinds of small and large updates for all the operating systems we provice. Once a month, or more often if urgent security issues emerge, we contact our managed hosting users with a detailed security report.

The report covers the things we have found, general updates and our recommendations. Like this one.

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Let us work with your machines

Not only do we recommend updates and inform you about security issues. Solving these issues and installing updates are included if you want to. We include up to 3 hours of hands on work each month on each server connected to our managed hosting service.

Your 3 hours per month can also be used as you wish. If there is a “slow” month with no patches or security updates you might want us to work on something else. Just give us a call and schedule whatever maintenance you need.

What is included?

3 hours (non accumulative) of work each month.

Can be used for

  • Application troubleshooting
  • Application updates
  • OS troubleshooting
  • OS upgrades
  • OS updates
  • OS patching
  • Monitoring
  • Managed backup

Interested in finding out more? Read more and sign up for Managed Hosting today!