Andreas Bergman, the first guest-blogger in the City Cloud blog!

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Andreas Bergman City Cloud is proud to present our first guest blogger, Andreas Bergman. An independent developer who have shown a great interest in our service, City Cloud. Andreas caught our attention after having built a tool for auto-scaling in City Cloud. We wanted to know more about this tool and also more about Andreas and his thoughts about our service so we invited him to write a series of articles on the subject. We spoke to Andreas and asked him to tell us more about himself, read the entire interview below.

Tell us about yourself, who is Andreas Bergman?
I’m a student, a consultant, a boyfriend and a really nice guy! I moved from Malmoe to Umea about 6 months ago to study, and since then my business have taken a great leap forward. I’ve worked with both large Windows environments and tiny Linux servers, as a consultant and an employee. I’m an "old" swimmer, I quit when I was about 16-17, because there was so much fun going on outside the pool. For instance, I was active in an internet radio project started by members from a notorious internet forum. I taught and coached swimming for a couple of years, but since I’m a workaholic i seldom got off from the office in time.

You call yourself a nerd, would you like to explain that statement?
We’ll I am a nerd, not in a bad anti-social way, but still a nerd. Cool software makes me happy and bad config makes me want to cry.

How come you took such an interest in City Cloud?
I first heard of it for about a year ago but never really had the time to test it, later on I convinced a friend to place his servers in City Cloud, just so I could test it out. And from there it has just kept going, the ease and simplicity of managing the servers is just great, even for someone who loves his terminal.

Tell us about Trulsbob or "Stina" as you call it, what is it?
It started out as a proof of concept, I wanted to show that it was possible to scale a web cluster dynamically, and add / remove servers on demand, and needless to say, i succeeded. The big problem has been to find a load balancer that support dynamic reconfiguring of server pools, without interrupting the service.

What is your plan with Stina, are you launching a service or is it Open Source?
I’m a huge Open Source fan, and releasing Stina as something other than Open Source would be blasphemy, but exactly in what way it will be released is not a top priority at the moment, it’s more important to get it ready for live deployment. It takes time, but i hope it will be worth it.

Was it hard to create Stina, how long did it take?
Since Stina is a project in making, I cannot really say how  long it took, but i’ve been working on it to and from since just before Christmas. As with all great software out there, the maker often have to hack on in after work, and therefore it takes time.

You are going to write articles in the City Cloud blog, what will you write about?
I’ll blog about how to use the cloud, it can be used for so much more than simple VPS:es, like hosted applications and disaster recovery. My goal is to write interesting articles about things that often is to "tech" to write an easy to read article about.

Do you use City Cloud, other than to create auto-scaling systems?
I use City Cloud mainly as a lab at the moment, it’s so easy to create and destroy machines in minutes that I don’t need a staging or development environment, i just need the City Cloud.

What do you like most about our service?
The simple web interface, the APIs, and of course the awesome guys at your support, they really deserve a cake!

Thank you Andreas, we look forward to your blog posts. Especially the ones about "Stina" but also your thoughts on "The Cloud" in general. Andrea´s blog posts will be published weekly starting Thursday 17:th of February so stay tuned!