How Gamers can use City Cloud

Özgür Bal Gaming 2 Comments

We have an awesome service and the possibilities in the Cloud are huge so we thought that it was time to share some information on how you can use City Cloud for gaming.

City Cloud allows you to create small (or big) servers which you pay for by the hour. You only pay for the resources you use and the servers are created within 15 minutes. This means that you can create and start using a war server, Mumble server or a Vent Server very fast. The best thing about City Cloud though, is that you only pay for the resources you allocate – by the hour. You can also scale your server up and down as you wish. If you need more power, you just upgrade your server directly within the service. If you shut down a server, you stop paying for it. The allocated disc space and licence fees (if you use windows) are being charged even if the server is shut down.

When you sign up for City Cloud you receive an email with all the details on how to get started. Signing up is totally free. However, you can only run a server with the “small” harware template (1CPU, 512MB RAM) and the server shuts down every 6 hours. If you want to unlock your account for unlimited use, you start off by paying a small fee in advance. Your first invoice will be reduced by the same amount later on.

We include 500GB of data traffic per month with every server. If you use more we charge 0,05 EUR (5 Euro cents) per GB of traffic.

Gamers can use City Cloud and the Virtual Servers to install Mumble, Ventrilo, War-servers and a range of other software. Lets start off by showing you how to get started with City Cloud.

Join us next week for a complete guide on how to install a Mumble server on a Virtual Machine in City Cloud