Two factor authentication

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Once again, you might be none the wiser but we released yet another security feature in City Control panel this monday. We have studied our own system and thought a lot about what our customers might want and need but also about what would happen if one of our customers account passwords ended up in the wrong hands. We recently released a feature to manage multiple users and access groups and here comes an additional security feature to secure those precious servers.

As with any system design, City Control Panel it´s built to be easily managed and secure but one fact remains. If you password or access to your email get in to the wrong hands, someone can access your account. This is why we added an option to activate two factor authentication on any user account in City Control panel. If activated, the user is forced to authenticate with both an account password AND a code provided by SMS.

How it works

Two factor authentication can be activated on any user account. Just go to Account – Users – Add user and fill out the details. This is where you set the username, password and access rights for the user.

At the bottom, you will find a new section called Two factor authentication. This is where you insert the users mobile phone number for that second authentication that will be conducted upon logon.

When the user have entered the username and password and clicked Login, an sms will be sent to his/her phone and a second screen will be shown.

Just enter the code in to the field and authenticate.

So there you have it! Another great security feature to protect your City Cloud servers. We hope you like it and that you strongly consider using this feature to ensure that your servers are safe and only accessible by authorized personnel.