Soon our time to speak at LinuxCon

Özgür Bal Fairs Leave a Comment

Linuxcon 2015 in Dublin is now in day two.image


Some 3000 attendees have met up in Dublin for Linuxcon / CloudOpen and the event is focusing hard on the developers withinn the Linux and opensource communitys.
So far there have been a heavy focus on security within Opensource projects and how important it is in order for opensource projects to successul and fully implemented in production environments.
During tuesdays Keynote session, both Leigh Honeywell from Slack Technologies and and Mark Skarpness from Intel talked about the importance of security. Leigh from an devleopers perspective and Mark from an Internet of Things perspective. Both had very interersting presentations.

This afternoon we will have our presentation about our successcase using KVM, OpenStack and OP5. We will present together with our partner op5 of course. It´s great to hear about the conscious efforts to improve the security awearness within opensource projects as this is also a key part in our presenation.

Its also great to see the numbers of break out sessions that has various parts of Openstack components as a topic. Even though the Openstack foundation is a separate entity from Linux Foundation it still has a prominent part of Linuxcon. Its still pretty obvious that most companies are still evaluating Openstack or is running an POC, so the fact that we at City Network have a Live Openstack environment in production really stands out in europe.