OpenStack presentations for OpenStack summit in Tokyo – time to vote!

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It is that time again. Time for the OpenStack Foundation to receive and then vote for topics for presentations for the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Tokyo. As with every coming OpenStack Summit – the number of people engaged and suggested topics continue to grow. No less than 1500 topics for presentations has been received this time.

No wonder there is a lot of interest in the Summit and OpenStack as a whole. OpenStack juOpenStack Summitst turned five years old and just about every major tech corporation now has an interest in supporting the open source software and its community. Last week Google signed on as a corporate sponsor of OpenStack and like with other major tech companies support – it furthers OpenStacks dominance as the leading open source cloud platform. It also is a great sign for the future of OpenStack and allows to further stability and maturing of the platform as well as the eco system.

As you probably know by now City Network is a very active part of the OpenStack community. In the market place you can read more in detail about what versions our various data centers around the world supports. With three data centers in Europe and soon two in the US City Network has firmed up its lead in the public cloud services based on OpenStack.

Here is a summary of the presentations submitted from City Network and we of course would love for you to vote for either one of those you would like to learn more about.

OpenStack operations in public clouds – the do’s and don’ts

We will walk through some of the challenges (and opportunities) of using OpenStack at scale over multiple locations in a public cloud environment. In particular the challenges around Identity and its various versions and the limitation you will run into should you use version 2. There are big differences between version 2 and 3 and we will go through why version 3 is a must for you. How can you build a platform despite some components only support version 2?

Public cloud meeting high security standards based on Openstack

Private High security customers and government customers are looking to use public clouds and pay as you go models. The challenge they find is to meet tough regulatory demands but at the same time be flexible with infrastrucrure and resources in a public cloud model.

City Network is the first public cloud provider in Europe to offer a high security, semi-private, pay as you go model based on Openstack Kilo release. This is the use-case and story on how we got this offering in to production supporting ISO 27001 and Solvency II compliance.

City Cloud Control Panel (cloud managament system)

Having one easy to use single point of management for all infrastructure resources around the globe – is hard to come by. Wether you need security in the form of two factor login or you need to handle hundreds of machines in five data centers in a single view – City Network has taken City Clouds cloud management system to the next level. You will see how multiple users can work in different projects setting up networks over multiple data centers and even send a volume (disks) from one data center to another with a single click. Get an inside view of the City Cloud management system and the story of why and how we built it on top of OpenStack.

Live Demo! Get the full potential out of automation by combining it with the power of a Public cloud

We all realize that automation is key for any company today. To get efficiency and quality, the tools of automation has quickly become crucial. We will demonstrate how to use Celiometer and Heat not only to automate scaling but combine it with public cloud pay as you go model to make it truly cost efficient.

We hope you join us in Tokyo to discuss best practice in various ways of using OpenStack. We equally hope you try out City Cloud as it is one of the most innovative public clouds completely based on OpenStack. And of course – do not forget to vote for the presentations above. Thank you!