Welcome to Lean Tribe Gathering Karlskrona, May 28

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Lean Tribe is a Swedish group of agile and lean software development enthusiasts. Founded by Softhouse Consulting in 2011, the Tribe arrange gatherings that evolve around these core topics and discuss future development of the same.

The next Lean Tribe Gathering will be held in Karlskrona on May 28. The venue is our head quarters on Borgmästaregatan 18 and the topic for the night will be DevOps.


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About #LTG28 Karlskrona

More and more companies see the need for short and efficient development cycles to move faster from idea to product. To manage the increasing competition the code needs to be churned out even faster so that the functionality can be tested live to give the customer added value.

DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations. The idea is to close the gap between these organizational departments to improve both system development.

DevOps is a broad expression that include both people, efficient operation methods and tools for automation. Our Speakers will share their experience and visions of working with DevOps.

Welcome to #ltg28 in Karlskrona, a day filled with lightning talks about DevOps with Open Space sessions where we discuss all the interesting questions that have been raised during the day.


Register for free (Information only available in Swedish)


János Tóth-Égetö on introducing DevOps in Enterprise organisations

Janos_IMG_2461-300x300János Tóth-Égetö work as a system developer at Qvantel where he has been given the task to lead a DevOps team in a new project. His background is in telecom where he has worked with streamlining test and development processes through automation and visualization according to agile principles.




Fredrik Henrysson on the value of DevOps

Fredrik-300x270Fredrik is a developer at Softhouse Consulting with a passion for Continuous Delivery and TDD. Fredrik has 10+ years of experience from the software industry where he has worked in both small and large projects.





Tobias Rydberg on building development environments in City Cloud OpenStack

Tobias-300x300Tobias works as a developer at City Network with a main focus on building the company’s OpenStack-based IaaS. Tobias has 10+ years of experience in the industry focusing mainly on web applications.





Ola Sandström on Unified Monitoring

Ola-Sandstrom-300x300Ola works as a Technical Sales Engineer at op5 in Gothenburg. Ola has 12+ years of experience in the industry and has a background in Windows and networking.