Webinar: Optimal utilization of OpenStack & KVM builds leading IaaS in Europe

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OpenStack has drivers for most major hypervisors, but KVM plays a special role in OpenStack for a number of good reasons. When you combine OpenStack, KVM and add one of the main management products in the KVM ecosystem that provides monitoring to the mix, you have a leading IaaS cloud that goes beyond the traditional virtualization market.



In this webinar we will take you on a great tour that details how we use KVM, OpenStack and the IT monitoring software op5 Monitor as key components to deliver one of the most cost efficient, flexible and most advanced cloud computing services in Europe.

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This is a joint webinar between us and op5 supported by Open Virtualization Alliance. We will show you how OpenStack runs on a public cloud with multiple locations and all the amazing stuff you can do with it. Also the clear benefits of monitoring OpenStack and KVM components and the reasons why it is so important to have control.


A few things that you will learn from this webinar

  • Stack deployment (Orchestration)
  • Advanced Networking
  • Monitoring that enables control
  • Floating IP´s between data centers


Register to attend the Optimal utilization of OpenStack and KVM Webinar



Andreas Månsson, Digital Marketing & Web Manager at op5

Özgür Bal, Social Media & Marketing at City Network



Jan Josephson, CTO at op5

Johan Christenson, CEO at City Network