Three sessions accepted to OpenStack Summit in Boston

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Voting for OpenStack Summit presentations is over and the committee has now finalised the program for the OpenStack Summit in Boston 8-11 May.

Our technical staff will host three sessions during the Summit and here is a little more detail about the presentations.


Facing The Public – What’s Still Missing from OpenStack for Public Cloud Operators?

by Tobias Rydberg & Sean Handley
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As OpenStack has matured, it’s emerged as the weapon of choice for private clouds. Now, in our seventh year as a community, how can we close the gap on missing public cloud features?

Enter Tobias (CityNetwork, Sweden) and Sean (Datacentred, UK), two developers from Europe both working independently at different OpenStack cloud providers. After chatting in Barcelona both realised that they’d essentially been writing the same private code to “plug the gaps” in the OpenStack toolkit in order to make it operable for a public cloud business.

In this talk, they announce the formation of the new Public Cloud Working Group and they share their combined journeys in the hope that we can, as a community, figure out how to make OpenStack the best public cloud toolkit that it can be.

What can I expect to learn?
What public cloud providers need from their OpenStack deployments to effectively run a profitable business.
Where OpenStack currently falls short for public cloud providers.
How we can move towards improvement.

The care and feeding of a public cloud service on OpenStack

By Magnus Bergman
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A talk filled with war stories from designing, building and operating a multi site public cloud service
on OpenStack with all the bells and whistles expected, including a custom control panel.
And keeping the beast running and up to date.

What can I expect to learn?
Including but not limited to:

  • Thoughts on design – going with community or propriatary vendor solutions
  • Due to hysterical reasons – from manual installation to Ansible Openstack and the path between
  • A bewildering story of networking
  • Handling hardware
  • Around the world in 80 ms – coping with multiple locations and making them cooperate
  • The sad state of billing
  • Minor bugs, issues and and live patching
  • Vendor support – or the lack thereof
  • The API and coding against it
  • The importance of test and development systems
  • Supporting the mess, from customer input to fix in production
  • Keeping the beast up to date
  • Some final advices.


The case of the missing packet

by Magnus Bergman
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A talk about how to troubleshoot OpenStack neutron with ML2/Openvswitch.
Experiences are taken from running a public cloud built on OpenStack for several years. A number of issues encountered in real life will be discussed starting with a description of the issue followed by the process of identifying the problem and how it was fixed. Some general advice on troubleshooting will also be provided as well as examples of tools that can and should be used.

What can I expect to learn?
Including but not limited to:

  • General information on sources of information
  • Making VPNaaS work
  • Intermittently lost network connectivity when L3 HA enabled
  • Packets into infinity – loops that make you dizzy
  • Sorting out the bad apples – misbehaving customers
  • Repopulating – one namespace at a time
  • The MuTUal agreement – more than you want to know about MTUs
  • Finding issues before the customer does.