The f(ourth)irst OpenInfra Days Nordics is now in the books

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The beginning of October marked the end of a six month long journey with planning and collaboration to realise OpenInfra Days Nordics 2019. Here are some of our thoughts from this years event.

The name change

2018 marked the beginning of a new era as the OpenStack Foundation announced their full support to all adjacent open source communities dedicated to building and operating open infrastructure. The Foundation changed the name of their community gathering to Open Infrastructure Summit, encouraging wide spread collaboration with communities such as Ansible, Ceph, Docker, Kata Containers, Kubernetes, ONAP, Open cSwitch, OPNFV, StarlingX, Zuul and more.

OpenInfra Days

Being a satellite event to the Open Infrastructure Summit, and as supporters of the new and improved mission statement, we did the same thing and changed the name of our event to OpenInfra Days.

Day 1 – Workshops

The first day of the event was fully dedicated to half-day workshops on a number of topics including OpenStack, Terraform, Ceph, TripleO and Zuul. It is quite humbling to see this level of dedication from the community. From our fantastic tutors who put in the time and effort required to host half-day workshops to the attendees, so eager to learn or brush up on their skills that they travel to Stockholm from all over Europe.

Day 2 – The conference

The second day of the event focused on even more community building, keynotes, breakout sessions and a marketplace.

The day started our with Keynotes by Jonathan Bryce from the OpenStack Foundation and Cheryl Hung from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Both shared insights on the respective foundations, their mission, some statistics and their view of the future of Open Infrastructure.

Henning Jacobs from Zalando shared his view on driving developer experience at Europe’s Leading Online Fashion Platform. Christoph Buchli and Sjur Jensen shared the story of how Vattenfall is building sustainable and efficient compute infrastructure.

The afternoon offered a total of 15 breakout sessions on a number of different topics related to open infrastructure, all of which you can watch below.


Our key takeaways

Open infrastructure is more mature

More industries are moving into or start adopting OpenStack and open source projects thanks to the level of maturity they reached during the last two years.

The community is expanding

CNCF, OpenStack and many more infrastructure related open-source communities are now part of this game, giving the final end-users a wide set of tools to add value to their business.

Not everything goes to the ‘Big Three’ providers

New data regulations and data privacy laws are keeping different cloud infrastructures well balanced with public, private and hybrid clouds equally sharing the market request.

Infrastructure matters. As does our climate

With IoT, edge computing and new markets entering the cloud industry, data centres are today emitting as much CO2 as the airline industry.
Multiple companies are today re-defining the general best practices guides when running cloud applications.

Automation is key

Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration and Deployment are crucial for a fast delivery to production. Open source projects like Terraform, Spinnaker and Zuul are enabling a shorting the time-to-market while providing a high level of confidence to the development team.

Watch all the sessions


All in all, we want to thank all participants for making this years event a success. Thank you to all speakers, attendees and event partners who come back year after year to support the Nordic OpenInfra community.