Cloud services can alone ensure lasting world peace

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As a CSO you are expected to have informed opinions regarding security every now and then. In our line of business most people would expect security and cloud to include talks about encryption and privacy and data storage. And don’t get me wrong I could talk at length about these topics but I would like to talk about the big picture regarding cloud and security.


Cloud services can alone ensure lasting world peace.

A politically correct thing is to wish for world peace. And wish all you want but the answer to how is Cloud.

A free and unfiltered access to an exchange of information and ideas are a fundamental necessity for a working democracy. Having direct and easy access to banking and financial services is something we take for granted but a extreme necessity that is lacking in a lot of developing nations. Building business that generate long term profits is the only way of moving a 3rd world nation into the 1st world. This requires the possibility of good and secure communication and the ability to exchange documentation. And this across great distances. Your geographical locations can not be a limit to your ability to apply for a loan or digitally sign agreements. Cloud enables a working democracy and a working economy in developing nations.

I can say that lets first ensure clean water but next on the list is Internet access.


More clouds in Africa!

World peace is the stake and the big picture of cloud security. Infrastructure is boring and really not very sexy but a necessity if we want to evolve on a global level. International terrorism is best stopped by removing the urge for people to become terrorists. A well developed nation has a lot less growing ground for terrorism.

More cloud means more democracy.
More cloud means more national growth.
More cloud means less terrorism.
More cloud means more global security.

Let’s unite around more cloud for world peace!


namnlöst-150508_01-högupplöstKim Hindart, CSO at City Network, has a long background in information security with previous experience from News and media industry, IBM, Swedish Army and Big Telcos. He is a long term enthusiast in Open Source projects like Symbian, Android and Open Stack. When not involved in security work, he likes to play around with databases and mobile operating systems. According to Kim, Internet access and cheese are the big necessities of life.

“Go SQL you can still survive”.