Suse Enterprise 11, Alpine Linux and CentOS 7 now available in City Cloud

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During the last month we have released 3 new operating system to City Cloud both as complete image-files and as ISO-files.

Suse Enterprise 11

Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 now exists in two versions – with basic support or with enterprise support. The price point for the two is €25 and €110 respectively. These images have been released as complete image files which mean that they can be installed with just a few clicks.

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CentOS 7

CentOS  has some exciting updates and news in this version which we chose to add as an ISO-file. Mainly due to the fact that we don´t see the point of spending time and effort to create an image at this point (stay tuned for updates on this cliffhanger).

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Alpine Linux

Thanks to demands from some of our customers we recently added Alpine Linux as an ISO-file. Alpine Linux is a small, simple and secure operating system designed to be, as the developers themselves say, the little engine that could.

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All images and ISO-files are of course available regardless of which datacenter you choose to host your servers in. Do you have any suggestions as to which operating systems we should add? Leave a comment below…