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Lightweight, fast and efficient containers

Container workloads have increased in popularity over the course of several years and for good reason. Running your workloads in a lightweight, containerised environment increases isolation and makes it easier to run the underlying layer of virtual servers, storage and networks. In City Cloud, container provisioning is powered by the OpenStack project Magnum.

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Magnum CLI Demo from Adrian Otto on Vimeo.

Container provisioning

Container provisioning is currently supported through the OpenStack Magnum APIs which makes container orchestration engines such as Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Apache Mesos available as first class resources in City Cloud. A good place for beginners is to start with our self-paced, online courses to learn more about container orchestration using OpenStack Magnum and Heat.
Containers in City Cloud - provisioning

The benefits of deploying containers in City Cloud

Simplicity and speed

The sheer nature of utilising containers speeds up the development process and operational speed. Adding new features and releasing new software cuts down on time to market and keeps up with good customer experience.


Containers are very lightweight and does not require their own operating system to function. This allows multiple containers to run on a single virtual server which makes way for a more efficient use of cloud resources and ultimately cost savings.

Platform independency

Using containers is a huge benefit in terms of independence and flexibility and ultimately your organisations development process. Just build it once and then run it anywhere, be it in City Cloud or elsewhere.

Virtualize your IT infrastructure in City Cloud

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