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Cloud Storage

Scalable Cloud Storage made easy

Storage completes the trifecta of features that makes up a virtual server which is at the core of any cloud infrastructure. In City Cloud we offer three types of core storage features, block, object and image storage, which can be used in a variety of ways when you are building your infrastructure. Our storage features are powered by a set of OpenStack projects named Cinder, Swift and Glance.

Block storage

Object storage

Image storage

Cloud storage provisioning

Provisioning of storage resources can be done in our cloud management system City Controlpanel (CCP). Here you can create, scale, attach and detach storage volumes to your virtual servers and store your private images. You can also take snapshots of virtual servers and volumes and either use them as backups or as images to grow your infrastructure. Using AWS S3 APIs or OpenStack Swift APIs, you can easily connect different data sources directly to our Object Storage and automatically store large amounts of data.

Provisioning of storage features in City Cloud
City Cloud Object Storage is created to provide strong resilience, providing 99.999% of annual durability. It's ensured by spreading the data across multiple fault domains in a redundant configuration to protect from hardware failures. Data integrity is constantly monitored where failures are detected and automatically repaired. All systems are monitored 24/7 by our professional skilled Teams, so we can ensure all data to be accessed at any time.

The benefits of using scalable cloud storage

Disaster recovery

Our paid disaster recovery feature includes 10 additional versions of your block storage instances free of charge. This allows you to go back in time and recover data from 10 days back at any time.


Volumes can easily be moved between virtual servers and extended straight from our cloud management system. You can also take a snapshot of a volume or create a new image from any volume when building your cloud infrastructure.


All storage features offered in City Cloud are persistent and are only deleted on your command. This way you never have to worry about losing data when stopping virtual servers in City Cloud.

Virtualize your IT infrastructure in City Cloud

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