Nobel wins a prize from City Network

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Last week we showed off our cloud computing service, City Cloud, at Cloud Conference in Stockholm. We met a lot of companies and curious visitors who were there to add to their knowledge of cloud computing during two intense days. We got the chance to present our powerful but easy to use cloud computing service for many medium to large companies around Europe. Our visitors certainly found City Cloud to be really interesting and our presence was a success with many contacts leading to new users in City Cloud. Did you know over 500 companies are now using City Cloud?

During the conference we held a contest in wich the grand prize was 10 000 SEK worth of cloud computing power – in City Cloud of course.

We now have a winner and the winner is… Nobel Web AB!

Nobel Web runs the official homepage of the Nobel Prize, On their website you can find all the information about the Nobel prize, the nominees and all kinds of information about their work.

Once again, Congratulations Nobel Web AB!