MSSQL 2014 and new Open BSD image in City Cloud

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As always, we keep adding new and updated images to the City Cloud app center and we recently added a couple of new ones.

Windows 2012 with MSSQL 2014

MSSQL 2014 was released on April 1 and is now available in City Cloud. We have both the Standard version and Enterprise version running on Microsoft Windows 2012 Data Center. Both images have the Virt-IO/BLK drivers (read more on that here:

General update of new Windows images

We have bumped up the size of the standard drive on Windows from 50 to 150GB. This enable our users to store data “closer” to the OS and database and makes for a smoother experience without additional drives. In addition, Windows has shown problems running on too narrow storage capabilities on the c-drive in the past.

Open BSD

Open BSD 5.5 has been added to the app center as well and with that we have removed 5.1 and 5.3. 5.5 has all the patches that have been released until now, including heartbleed. Open BSD 5.4 remains in the app center and will be removed with the next release.


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