Location, Location, Location

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Luc Van SteenCloud computer and real estate.  A strange combination you might think but for techies amongs us, the link is very clear.

In order to achieve economies of scale, it makes sense to move towards large centralized data centers.
This centralization results in challenges to be overcome for certain aspects of data and service delivery. Disaster Recovery, increased response times, are the key challenges.
A multiple datacenter footprint can tackle these issues.

In our current “aways connected – always available” economy, one of the most discussed is the issue of disaster tolerance. In order to meet these goals, large cloud providers build multiple datacenters that are geographically distributed. In your process to select a cloud provider, you must take this into count.  Always go for a provider with multiple locations but keep your “targets” in focus.  Take me for example, a European cloud computing customer with main focus on Europe.  It that case it does not make sense to select an Asian provider with multiple datacenters in Asia…right? The need of a “European Cloud” is growing by the day.


City Cloud is one of the leading players in this emerging European cloud. Today, they have datacenters availability in following countries: Sweden (Karskrona/Stockholm), England (London), and I’ll bet there will be coming more soon.  Their flexible infrastructure is enabling me to provide the level of availability I need.

Not only we want to be always connected-always available but we want it FAST!

Having cloud resources in a region with close proximity to your end users will reduce network latency and provide a better experience for remote desktops (VDI), VPN connectivity, and multimedia services.
As a rule of thumb, make sure you place your front-end servers as close to your targets as possible (and load balance them !).
In general a positive linear correlation between distance and response time can be observed, however, distance alone is not the sole determinant of response time. Performance of the overall infrastructure plays its role too.

With City Cloud’s new OpenStack deployment, you can easily implement the most suitable cloud solution to your needs keeping locations in focus.  Try it by signing up https://www.citycloud.com/register/

That being said keep following in mind: Location is important; not to the definition of cloud computing but in its usage.