City Cloud provide cloud computing power to the TelecomCity lab

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Together with their members, TelecomCity has started the TelecomCity lab. The lab is based on several cloud services and platforms which offer the possibility to test and develop products and services but also to find potential partners.

The lab is obvoiusly cloud-based but TelecomCity has established a physical environment  with workstations and other equipment for different tests. City Network contribute with computing power though City Cloud and there are other partners worth mentioning as well. Telenor offers access to their physical lab where network and roaming services can be tested. All members of TelecomCity can use the lab and even get help from Logica, who has extensive knowledge with Rightscale which is used in the lab.

Rightscale is a bridge between different cloud services and provide unlimited power in the cloud through thousands of servers and databases around the world. It´s a management service, designed to gather and keep track of the computing power you have access to by services like City Cloud and perhaps Microsoft Azure. It can also shift capacity between your server farms and this gives you the possibility to easily scale and conduct tests worldwide.

How can the TelecomCity lab help you?

  • Get access to unlimited cloud computing power
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Physical test lab for network and roaming services
  • Flexible, virtual working environment in the cloud
  • Build unique production and testing environments according to your needs
  • Work fast with simple frameworks which you don´t need to upgrade
  • Easy cloning and release management
  • Conduct global and realistic tests
  • High security

All the TelecomCity members can utilize the lab for free throughout the year. Do you want more information about TelecomCity? Visit Do you want to know more about the lab? Please email telecomcitylabbet(a)