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City Cloud Partner ProgramAs a pan European provider of infrastructure services, we rely heavily on our partners to empower the City Cloud platform. Infrastructure has always been and will continue to be our main focus but our goal is to build an ecosystem of products and services provided around City Cloud. This includes everything from applicable expertise and products launched on the City Cloud platform to consulting services.

As a City Cloud partner you will join a large network of companies with the same shared goal – To grow and expand your business by utilizing the latest cloud computing technology.



What we offer

By partnering with us, you get access to the leading cloud infrastructure platform in Europe and more than 25 000 customers and large companies around the globe. We believe that building a partner network of cloud infrastructure experts, who can add value to our existing and potential customers, is key for the future growth of City Cloud.

Your products, expertise and knowledge coupled with cutting edge infrastructure as a service will be what differentiates City Cloud and its partner network from traditional hosting companies anywhere.

As a City Cloud partner you are guaranteed to:

  • Be first in line to learn about new procurements and negotiations with large City Cloud customers as well as taking part in offering services in such a process.
  • Get leads from inquires directed to City Cloud and its partner network.
  • Stay updated with the cutting edge technology that is City Cloud and become an expert in cloud infrastructure services.
  • Reach over 25 000 customers and organisations in Europe.


What you will get

Get heard

We help our partners to stay updated on the latest news from both us and our partners. We encourage all our partners to collaborate in sharing important news to and from the partner network as well as taking part in all types of shared marketing efforts.

We expect every partner to contribute to, and take advantage of the enourmous reach of the entire partner network. This way, every partner can always be sure that their most important news will travel further than ever before.

  • Get the latest news first
  • Reach a bigger audience
  • Collaborate and share

City Cloud Partner Program


Straight to market

We can take your product to market and offer it to our customers right away. By submitting your apps, plugins and tools to our app center you can start delivering your self hosted products and services, as pre-installed images. Any City Cloud user will be able to seamlessly launch your apps straight from the City Cloud control panel on any server configuration.

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Who are we looking for?

We are looking for partners in many different areas, among those:

  • Have customers that need cloud computing
    • Companies and organisations who don’t have their own cloud computing platform but customers who are in need of infrastructure services.
  • Cloud computing experts
    • All types of experts, be it consulting services, developers, integration experts, system integrators, product companies.
  • Hosted SaaS  suppliers
    • SaaS companies that want to launch their products to the City Cloud customer base


How to apply

Visit and read the program description before sending in your application to us. We hope to get you onboard as a City Cloud partner soon!

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