City Cloud Nominated for best Cloud Service!

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EuroCloud Award 2011EuroCloud Sweden Award is a contest highlighting Swedish companies providing cloud services. This is the first time  in Sweden and the categories are Best Cloud service, Best Startup, Best Cloud case (private sector), Best Cloud case (public sector). City Cloud is nominated in the category Best Cloud service and the winners are presented  this afternoon at the Awardshow held in Stockholm. Being nominated is a huge acknowledgement in it self and by nightfall we will know if City Cloud is considered to be the best Cloud Service in Sweden!

EuroCloud Sweden

EuroCloud Sweden is a non-profit organisation which operate on behalf of the Cloud Computing industry in Sweden. The organisation is a part of EuroCloud Europe and together they work towards a sustainable development within the on-going paradigm shift in the IT-industry.

EuroCloud Sweden has 3 main functions

  • Increase undestanding, knowledge and awareness of Cloud Computing in Sweden
  • Manage networking and sharing of knowledge between companies in the Cloud Computing-industry
  • Act as a trade journal for the Cloud Computing-industry in dialog with the EU/The European Commission, state/municipality and other intrest organisations.

EuroCloud Sweden´s  challenges

As more and more companies adopt the concept of Cloud Computing, a number of questions are risen which are hard for the individual company or organisation to review. This is Where EuroCloud Sweden, and EuroCloud Europe, with their joint knowledge and in the capacity of a trade journal, can help unravel the questions.