The changing landscape of IT

Luc Van Steen Cloud, Cloud Computing Leave a Comment

If you look at the history of IT, you see certain disruptive shifts.

All started with typewriters, over to main frames, personal computers and inexpensive servers.  These are what I call the hardware shifts.
After the hardware shift, we saw IT redirect its focus to services.  Large IT companies often had 2 division, a hardware division and a services division, with their own specific delivery models.

In todays era, we see a convergence of both delivery models into cloud.  That convergence is mainly driven by a change in the IT landscape.

We’ll have change ahead for sure but what drives this new Enterprise IT landscape?



The new IT landscape is (or will be) driven by 3 trends in IT according to Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM.

1. Data

Data is the new natural resource. Companies rely on data to shape their business.
The Data-scape consist of 4 elements:

  • Creation of data. Every company, every individual is generation valuable data, which can be used as a resource to feed the following element, predictive analytics.
  • Predictive analytics. In order to work with data, you need to structure it, sanitize the huge amount of data and look for patterns. These pattern will result in predictions, which can be used to feed the next element, prescriptive data
  • Prescriptive data. Once you have the data your business needs, you can act on it and start moneytizing on that data
  • Time. Data has an expiry date.  Companies who can exploit prescriptive data within the boudaries of the data expiry date will be winners.

These elements will be the core of the way we create our business.

2. Engagement

Engagement is all about understanding the people, your customers, and align your business to their expectations and they they want to receive the service you provide.

3. Cloud

Cloud in this case means delivering any IT process as a service. And although this may look like a technology item, it is not completely that.  It is in fact a new business model decision.  How do I bring, as a company, my services to the people.  To do so you need a business model, which is supported by technology.
Cloud will be the glue between data and engagement.

As we see cloud still gaining momentum, Ginni Rometty has probably the correct view on tomorrow’s IT landscape.