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Since some time there is a lot of buzz around clouds and cloud computing. Everyone should have it and move his services to virtual servers. Is it really something worth dooing or is it just good marketing around it? We had a quick interview with blogger Maciej Wilczyński about cloud computing and City Cloud.

Tell us a bit about yourself, what is your profession and how it all started?

I am a web, desktop and mobile applications programmer. I work in a small local Company and I sometimes study in the evenings. My fascination with computers has begun already in primary school and no one even dared to dream about Windows XP. I wasn’t really interested in hardware – everybody has to know, how computers work in general, I was always fascinated with software only. I couldn’t even think about myself creating even a simple application. Now it is hard for me to imagine, how people cannot do that. Well, I think it is just a feeling you get, which is normal :).

What are you doing in your spare time if you have it?

I don’t have that much of a spare time. As I mentioned, I study, work, have my own technical blog, do some freelance work and I also write posts on There are times though, when I suddenly loose my Internet access thanks to my Provider, then I like to listen and to compose music.

We are following you on Twitter and blog and we noticed that you like to use cloud services. How important it is for you to work in this environment?

I may say that since couple of months cloud computing is as important to me as my own computer. In some aspects it is even more important. I have all my applications and services source code, SDK for Android and Visual Studio in the clouds. I test all my services there before they go public. Thanks to the cloud computing I can access my data everywhere and whenever I want. RDP client (remote desktop) is installed even on my smartphone.

What you use clouds for most of the time?

Like I said before, I have most of my services and applications there and most of the time I work directly on them. The only exepction there is Windows Phone, since its emulator doesn’t like virtualisation. Such solution has many advantages, even I all of the sudden loose my Internet access or connection, I am sure that my application is safe on my server and left intact. When I want to compile an application, I often set up high parameteres and thanks to it, the process goes much faster compared to other machines.
Of course I also have a second cloud which has lower parameteres, I install IIS on it and use it as a test server for my services in ASP.NET.

How did you come across City Cloud and what your first impression?

It started with a message on Twitter that @citynetwork_pl started to follow me. It didn’t look like another spam account, so I decided to look into their services. I ended up on the website I haven’t seen before and checked the offer. It turned out that it was very attractive.
At the same time I had quite unpleasant situation with other cloud computing service, and I wrote about it on Twitter. I got a response to this tweet from @citynetwork_pl … and that is how it started :-).

What did you like the most in City Cloud?

It was fast, professional, very nice customer service, large offer, many Operating Systems and apllications, as well as user friendly control panel. Actually it could be easier to ask about what I didn’t like but it can be hard to find :).

We work constantly on improvements and we listen to our customers suggestions. Thanks to them we add new .iso images to our application center. Is there anything you think we can improve?

I’d like to be able to install applications from own .iso images. Other than that I cannot really find anything else.

Do you think that cloud computing has a potential, that is still not fully used and explored?

Yes, I agree with that. People talk more and more about cloud computing, but still it is a solution for “IT people”. People who are not that technically advanced don’t really know what cloud computing is and even if they did, they wouldn’t see any purpose and use in it. It would be really good to see a social campaign that would explain to people how easier their professional and personal life would have been with cloud computing.

We hope that our cloud will still work great for you, thank you for the chat and we wish you a nice day.
Thank you and the same to you :-).

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