A groundbreaking development in European public cloud services

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Our partner Interxion is a leading provider of cloud- and carrier-neutral colocation data centre services in Europe. Their state-of-the-art data centres go beyond industry standards when it comes to reliability and performance and they have 38 of them in 11 countries. City Cloud currently runs in 2 of them, in Stockholm and London, with more City Cloud locations on the way.

Earlier this week our CEO had a sit-down with our partner Interxion for a talk about City Cloud, OpenStack and our ongoing expansion. City Cloud is the first infrastructure provider in Europe to launch a public cloud built on OpenStack which is available across multiple connected data centers which is a groundbreaking development in public cloud services.

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“The main benefit is that there’s no vendor lock-in, so customers have enormous freedom and flexibility. They can switch between clouds based on OpenStack, or work with multiple vendors, using all the same APIs and other functionality.” – Johan Christenson

“In addition to ‘cultural’ reasons for storing data locally, there are often regulatory or corporate policy reasons, too. For example, we have government organisations among our customers who are obliged to store data in-country. On the other hand, if a company wishes to target a new geographical market, locating applications in or near that region will help reduce latency and improve the user experience — this can be vital to the enjoyment of online gaming, for instance. Our goal is to take advantage of Interxion’s broad European footprint and put City Cloud nodes in enough locations to meet all these different requirements.” – Johan Christenson

Read the full interview here