So you want to learn Ceph? Can do — get crackin’ today!

Florian Haas City Cloud Leave a Comment

Here at City Cloud we’re big users of Ceph. It runs it in the majority of our OpenStack public cloud regions, and also in many Private Cloud deployments for our customers. And of course, we have had a Ceph  course available on our City Cloud Academy learning platform for quite some time. We previously made it available only to paying customers, and our own employees. But that is changing: from now on, we’ll have a limited number of seats available every month, for free, on a first-come, first-served basis.

What’s in it?

Now what’s in Ceph Distributed Storage Fundamentals? Just like all of our courses, it’s a completely self-paced, on-line course. It requires nothing but a web browser. You install no hardware, you don’t spin up any virtual machines, we automatically take care of all of that for you. We drop you right into a terminal, and you get cracking. You start with deploying your own cluster based on Ceph Jewel, and then upgrade it to Luminous. And you even convert it to shiny new BlueStore! At every stage, we support you with key technical background information. And after every lab, you can check your own progress. And after a total of 27 lessons, you’ve built a very solid knowledge foundation for Ceph.

Ceph Distributed Storage Fundamentals screen shot

Course screen shot (click for full size)

How do I sign up?

Pretty simple. Head over to if you don’t have a City Cloud Academy account already. Sign up, and click the account activation link that comes in your inbox. Then, go to the course About page, enroll, and off you go. Your course seat will be available for a month, which should be plenty of time to complete the course.

What if I’m not quick enough?

We’re making 20 seats available for free this month, and we’ll be giving them to the first 20 learners by enrollment timestamp. If you missed out this time because 20 other people were faster than you, no problem: just come back next month!