Quality improvements in City Cloud, Los Angeles zone

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Quality is a key aspect of our service delivery and something that we always strive to maintain in all aspect of our business. We have a total of 8 public cloud zones across the globe and maintaining a certain level of standards is key both for quality, security and many other aspects of our business.

Homogenising & increasing compliance

As we’re building a growing network of zones across the globe, combining public, private and compliant cloud capabilities in each zone, we need to make sure to keep a certain level of standards in each of our locations. This has to be done in the most efficient way and at the same time be compatible with all other locations to ensure that we can continue to launch new locations for all our services. Compliant Cloud, our community cloud solution for regulatory challenges industries, is on it’s way to the U.S and to make it possible for us to host Compliant Cloud in any data centre, we need to make sure that the location itself, cages and hardware all adhere to some of the highest international standards. These include a wide range of security measures and are gathered under standards such as PCI-CPP, PCI-DSS and others to ensure that payments and similar processing of regulated information is done in a safe way. . In the end, it comes down to homogenising the entire network of locations to make sure that we can continue to build and scale our zones as we grow, just like we have already done in Europe, UAE and Asia.

Shutting down our Los Angeles zone

After careful considerations of our future growth plans in the US, in combination with compatibility between our European, UAE and Asian data centers in regards to global networking for our public cloud, we have come to the conclusion that our current Los Angeles data center partner won’t be able to maintain the standards we will require in the near future. Therefore we have decided to shut down our Los Angeles zone on March 31, 2019 and plan to bring it back up, in a new Los Angeles data centre, earliest in Q4 of 2019.

Buffalo, New York

All users currently operating from our Los Angeles zone has been contacted with the next steps which includes automatic transfer of services to our Buffalo zone with minimal user impact.