OwnCloud upgraded to latest version

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OwnCloud is a known service that lets you manage your files on the cloud but in your own private server. As opposed to services like DropBox, Google Drive or SkyDrive that are controlled by third-parties.

Read on to see what’s new.

OwnCloud updated

The OwnCloud image has now been updated to the latest stable version, 5.0. If you are eager to know what the goodies are, then we recommend you read the official changelog.

Among all the features we can mention a new photo gallery, ability to restore deleted files, improved security and performance.


Same as before, just log into your City Cloud control panel and go to the App Center. Locate the OwnCloud image and click on the plus sign. A few minutes later, your own private file server will be ready to go.

To finalize the installation, locate the IP address of the server and go to:

Pick a username and a strong password and that’s about it. As a friendly reminder, do not forget to change the default SSH user as you would do with any other recently created server.

Advanced details

Not only did we update OwnCloud to the latest version but we’ve made it easier to upgrade. Next time you won’t have to fiddle much with the system. This is because we’ve setup OwnCloud from the official binary repository, this means that to upgrade to a new version you just need to issue a few commands. The good old “apt update ; apt-get install owncloud” that Debian/Ubuntu users have been accustomed to for years.

Last but not least, if you want more performance out of your installation, make sure you install MySQL and create a user. If you do this prior to the installation, you will be able to select the option during the setup (Just click on advanced button and fill in the MySQL credentials). The default one is SQLite but it’s configured as local and if you use another server for MySQL, you will notice the difference when dealing with a lot of files.


As usual, we keep an eye for new releases all the time but we also think that it’s better when you have control over the update process. Easy maintenance is a key ingredient when having dedicated servers.