New image on City Cloud: Windows Server 2008R2 and MS-SQL on steroids!

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We have had Windows 2008 Server images on City Cloud for a while now. We also have Windows 2008 and MS-SQL Server integrated but recently we implemented VirtIO drivers for Windows 2008R2 and according to our tests, the speed improvement is considerable.

So now, in order to save you quite a bit of time and offer you something with good performance, we´ve packaged Windows alongside MS-SQL and VirtIO drivers all-in-one.

Read on to find out the details about it.

Windows Server 2008 and MS-SQL Std ready to go

You can already find this new image on the App Center. Click on “New VM” or the plus sign on the App Center listing, name your new server and after a few minutes, it will be ready.

Installing Windows Server 2008 and MS-SQL can be a time consuming task, you need to check for pre-requisites, go through the installation process and then restart and wait for several updates to be applied.

So, this VM makes a lot of sense since it will save you precious time. And since the installation is a base one, with the default options, you can go in and change the configuration at your heart´s content.

Blazing drivers

As we have exposed recently, our tests showed great promise when using a Windows 2008 instance with VirtIO drivers installed. Since MS-SQL is a robust but power hungry application, you need all the efficiency you can get from the virtualization platform.

Thanks to this image, you don´t have to worry at all to install them. We have done that for you already.

Useful tips

The first time you start the virtual machine, it might take a while to get the public IP address on the details box. In that case, we recommend that you use the built-in VNC client, login, change your password and obtain the IP address.

From them on, you can use Remote Desktop which is a much better option to operate a remote Windows Server setup. You have important details about the credentials on the Virtual Machine description, be sure to check that out.

Last but not least, bear in mind that on this setup, your cost will include the Windows Server 2008R2 license and the MS-SQL 2008 Standard Edition license as well. But not to worry, our prices are really competitive and just as important, paid per hour.

We hope you enjoy this new image and as usual, leave as a comment or two if you have some feedback or preferences for future ones.